WestJet Christmas Miracle

Over the years I’ve seen some good and bad  PR stunts. For example in 2011, South Australia’s Advantage SA sent 55 gold fish to media executives as part of a tour with the message: “Be a big fish in a small pond and come and test the water.” Cool idea right? Well, despite providing enough food for each fish for six months most fish were dead on arrival. Ouch.

Anyone else remember the fake fan site (www.alliwantforxmasisapsp.com) that Sony created in 2006 to create buzz for the PlayStation PSP? It didn’t end well…. Gamers found out and hammered Sony on legitimate message boards.

Well there are also some PR stunts that are done well. Very well. Iwanted to share this one from WestJet as it’s a great idea that was successfully delivered and shared. It focuses on giving back to their customers, and yes, while it’s a PR piece, it really did happen… Plus it made me teary-eyed and filled with joy…

What if Telekinesis WAS REAL?

What if Telekinesis WAS REAL? How would you react? Check out this hidden camera experiment set up in a New York City coffee shop that captures the reactions of unsuspecting customers as they witness a telekinetic event as part of a promotion for the movie Carrie.

While there has been some discussion as to how ethical it was to scare the b-Jesus out of random people, the video itself is amazing! In my books, THIS is an awesome PR stunt and officially added into my list of Most Memorable PR Stunts. Let’s all aim this high in our creativity!

Let me know if you agree.

Memorable PR Stunts

Last month I wrote about Miley Cyrus’ brilliant PR stunting. This got me thinking about other memorable PR stunts. The Britney-Madonna kiss at the 2003 VMAs.  Janet Jackson’s famous wardrobe malfunction at the Superbowl in 2004. (Yup it’s been that long)

And these great ones!

  1. RedBull Stratos
    In 2012, Felix Baumgartner became the first person to break the sound barrier. And it was awesome. Need I say more? Best.PR.Stunt.Ever. Watch the jump here!
  2. Abercrombie & Fitch
    This one makes me lol! Abercrombie & Fitch did a reverse endorsement offering to pay Mike “The Situation” Sorrention, from the TV show Jersey Shore, to NOT wear any of its clothing.  They released a statement saying “Mr. Sorrentino’s association with our brand could cause significant damage to our image”. Then they sold t-shirts that said “The Fituation”. (The Situation then sued them for defamation of character…)
    The Fituation Tee
  3. Diamond Shreddies
    Of my favourite PR campaigns was Kraft Foods’ launch of “Diamond Shaped” Shreddies, a square-shaped Shreddie rotated by 45 degrees, turning it into a diamond shape. Real-life market research videos showed people found the diamond shape to be “better,” “crunchier,” and “more flavourful.” Here’s a great Ted Talk by Rory Sutherland on creating intangible value.
  4. The Blair Witch Project
    Remember that movie? Remember how it was promoted as a real documentary and we ALL talked about it? (Then we all went to see it and got motion sickness.)
  5. Calendar Girls
    Ever see the movie Calendar Girls? It was based on a PR stunt by the Women’s Institute in the UK whose members posed nude for a calendar to raise money for leukemia research. The sold a ton… obviously.
  6. The Artist Formerly Known as Prince
    In 1993, Prince announced that he would be changing his name… to a symbol that was unpronounceable.
    prince-ultimate prince symbol

What the Twerk!?

Twerking has just become word. And it’s synonymous with Miley Cyrus. Even if you didn’t see her VMA performance, you probably heard about it, read about it, talked about it. And though “What the twerk just happened??!” PR just happened folks. A brilliant publicity stunt.

What IS a publicity stunt you ask? It is a planned event designed to attract attention.

Between twerking (which you can learn here) and her ever present tongue, Miley Cyrus is the center of our attention. She’s the talk of the town. Every town. And with her new album Bangerz coming out soon, it’s the kind of talk that she will soon be cashing in on…