My 411

I’ve been many things… journalist, photographer, author, and web designer. Then I discovered a great gig that allows me to use all these skills AND have fun. PR.

I began my Comms/PR career by a bit of a fluke really, although the psychic I had the pleasure of meeting in 1998 would beg to differ…

Back then I was working as a journalist and photographer for a community newspaper. I loved taking photos and if you had asked me then where I’d be today, I would have told you that I was going to be the next Annie Leibovitz, shooting pictures for Rolling Stone magazine. See I loved, and still do love, photography and music. In fact if it paid, I’d be a professional groupie.

Then one fateful day I met the psychic. I was taking her picture and we just clicked – so much so that I still keep in touch with her today. She read my cards and told me that my future showed me focusing more on words than images. Fate’s a funny thing. Did it happen because it was destiny, or because she planted that seed?

Guess it doesn’t really matter, because I’m here and I love it.

~ Nyree