WestJet Christmas Miracle

Over the years I’ve seen some good and bad  PR stunts. For example in 2011, South Australia’s Advantage SA sent 55 gold fish to media executives as part of a tour with the message: “Be a big fish in a small pond and come and test the water.” Cool idea right? Well, despite providing enough food for each fish for six months most fish were dead on arrival. Ouch.

Anyone else remember the fake fan site (www.alliwantforxmasisapsp.com) that Sony created in 2006 to create buzz for the PlayStation PSP? It didn’t end well…. Gamers found out and hammered Sony on legitimate message boards.

Well there are also some PR stunts that are done well. Very well. Iwanted to share this one from WestJet as it’s a great idea that was successfully delivered and shared. It focuses on giving back to their customers, and yes, while it’s a PR piece, it really did happen… Plus it made me teary-eyed and filled with joy…

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