Are you an April Fool?

April Fool’s Day.

Ever wonder about the history of this day of fools?

FoolOne version is that back in the day, France once celebrated its New Year at the start of the spring, around late March/early April. But in the 1500s they changed it so that it would begin in January to match the Roman calendar. However, word of this change traveled slowly, so many people in rural areas continued to celebrate the New Year in the spring. These people became known as “April fools”, or so the story goes…

Another version is that the day grew from age-old European spring festivals, in which pranks and camouflaging your identity was common. This one makes more sense to me personally, as April Fool’s Day is about pranks.

Pranks bring people closer together. It’s a fact. (It’s also a fact that most facts are made up on the spot.)

If you work in an office with a lot of computers and people who foolishly trust you, go ahead and take this opportunity to create some memories. A great idea from a former co-worker of mine: take a screen shot of their desktop and have it displayed on the screen. Then watch and laugh as your co-worker can’t click on anything. Ha! Classic. You can modernize this one by using a broken screen wallpaper. Your welcome.

Or you can go the high-tech route and using this same idea, download the broken screen app to make someone think you cracked their beloved iPad or iPhone! Yes, there is actually an app for that! And that’s no joke.



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