PR is a highly credible form of promotion. One of its key points of power is establishing credibility for a product, company or person in the minds of targeted customer groups by capitalizing on the influence of a third-party – the media. Hiring a professional communicator to conduct your PR is always money well spent, as we know how to target information to have the most impact with the press and the public.

However, the perception as to the amount of influence that we have is sometimes greater than reality. While we excel at promotion and yield high results, I’m sad to have to burst our reputation bubble. PR professionals are not magicians. We don’t have magic wands that we can wave to make stories magically appear the night after you hire us. The reality is, no matter how compelling the story, we can’t make a reporter write about your company, product, and/or event. Frustrating isn’t it? After all, you hired us to make the magic happen.

So let’s talk about what PR pros can do…

We can provide an outside, objective perspective, which can help to identify new angles and opportunities that might have been missed. We can help find, and define, your story/message and finesse it so that it’s told in the right way to the right people. We focus on media outlets that speak to a client’s core demographic rather than sending press releases to every publication under the sun. We use social media every single day to get the word out about clients, to communicate with customers and to respond to questions or problems.

But results take time. Unless you’ve partnered with Facebook or Google on a new venture or have discovered the cure for Cancer, chances are that reporters will not be chomping at the bit when your story is pitched. But fear not! If done right, there will be some nuggets that will perk up a reporter’s ears – but it takes time for most stories and opportunities to reach fruition.

PR is the result of hard work by skilled professionals – not a parlor trick.

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