oi with the poodles already!

If you’ve ever watch the TV show Gilmour Girls, you’ve already understood what I’m saying here.  For those of you who have never watched it, you missed out on Lorelai Gilmore’s great phrase to express your frustration at any given situation: Oi with the poodles already!

We all have THOSE DAYS. You know which ones I’m talking about. Those days where you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, can’t get your butt in gear despite circling around the proverbial airport because you, ironically, also can’t seem to sit still.

Oi with the poodles already!!

On days such as this, here’s what I do to attempt to refocus myself:

1. If you can’t focus on the task at hand, take a break from it. Do something else…. anything else that will make you feel productive. Vacuum, wash your floors, wash your windows. Give your pet a bath. Now check it off the to-do list that you haven’t written.

2. Write the to-do list. Pick another task and check it off. BTW, checking your Facebook account doesn’t count.

3. Go back to your original task and focus on it for 15 minutes. Hopefully, that 15 minutes will turn into however long it takes to get the job done. But if at the 15 minute mark you are mentally spent. Well then, you’re done for the day. Move onto something else… like a glass of wine.

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