Ultimate Blog Challenge

One of the things that I struggle with blogging, is that I always feel what I post has to be insightful. But sometimes a girl just has to write – and make time to write everyday. So I’ve decided to challenge myself have signed up to do the Ultimate Blog Challenge for July.  The purpose… just to get me writing daily. And I’m already a day behind so you’re gonna get two posts from me today. I’m combining this challenge with a 30-day topic list to help get my creative juices flowing. My goal is to hopefully tie all these random topics back to PR. We’ll see how it goes…

Day 01: Something you’re looking forward to this year.

Well that’s easy! I’m looking forward to IBC2012, in September in Amsterdam. I’m excited to be heading to Amsterdam, a first for me, to meet the other half of our sales team. I’m looking forward to learning first-hand about our European market so that when I draft our communications plan, I’ll be better informed. I’m excited about the press conference that my team is organizing – it’s gonna rock! I’m just sayin’…

One of the things that I’m struck by every day is how much I look forward to going to work. HA! I can heard everyone scoff… Yeah everyone looooves going to work…. Well I do. I’m not saying that there aren’t days where I’d rather stay in bed, I’m saying that I like my job and kinda feel like I won the lottery. It’s an incredible journey and I see where my contributions make a difference.

So I guess with this ramble, I’m saying that I’m looking forward to the journey AND the destination.

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