When opportunity knocks will you answer?

If you’ve read my blog, you are aware that around this time last spring, I left a company where I had work for eight years. I wrote about the discovery of how small my comfort zone had become by staying in a role I could do, and most days did, with my eyes closed. When destiny introduced me to its close cousin, opportunity, I was excited yet nervous thanks to that shrunken comfort zone. (The devil you know… and all that.)  Regardless, I pushed through my fears and decided I’d take all opportunities that destiny brought my way. So as you know, I accepted the new job and started volunteering my time with some professional organizations. Well it’s been almost a year and destiny is not finished with me yet.

In February, opportunity came knocking again and this time my comfort zone was ready to charge forward. While I had only been in my job for nine months,  leaving was the right thing for me to do. With the benefit of hindsight I now realize that this job served a very specific purpose – to get me back on my feet. I met some amazing people and developed relationships that I will carry with me forever. But a friend of mine described it best: it was the fling you have after getting out of a long term relationship. The fling that helps you get back in the game.

Accepting my new job has not only allowed me the opportunity for continued career growth, but I found something that I didn’t realize I was even missing – a sense of belonging. Discovering this led me to another thing – happiness. It’s funny how things often come full circle in order for you to find your happy.

Everyone has at least one job that they look back on fondly. For me, this was while I was working at a local community television station. It was not without its headaches, believe me it was stressful and we busted out butts, but it’s the job where I formed lasting friendships. When we talk about that time, we describe it as magic. It was the perfect combination of the right people working together at the right time. It was like going through military basic training. We worked hard and played harder. They had my back and I had theirs and we are forever bonded.

I never realized how much I missed that feeling until I started my new job. This is where the full circle thing comes in. I am now working for a company that develops and makes equipment for television stations. My colleagues are a mix of former television broadcasting professionals and creative types. I’ve been there for only a month and I can already feel that magic. I’m home.

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