Fashion Fun Friday: Halloween Costumes

Did you wear a Halloween costume to work yesterday?

Over the years I have worn many costumes to work. Some of my own choice, some thanks to a decreed departmental theme. What is the most risque costume you worn to work? What’s the ettique about costumes at work? A good rule of thumb is to avoid the “naughty” costumes – obviously… and for women, keep “the girls” covered up. Mark Twain once said, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” Same is true for our influence, even if you aren’t exactly naked, over-exposing yourself in a revealing costume can reduce professional power.

My current office is not a dress up on Halloween kinda place.  Some offices dress up and other just don’t. I think that most of this is determined by the industry you are in and whether or not you’ll be seeing clients that day. At the Ottawa Sun our journalists are not going to be out gathering news stories dressed as Miley Cyrus. You just wouldn’t take them seriously. BUT over all, PR peeps have a playful side and as the “fun department” in the office, the pressure can be high around this time of year.  So in honour of Fashion Fun Friday, here are some of my more memorable Halloween “fashions” over the years!

One year a boss of mine decided that the entire team would dress up as pimps. For the guys it translated into a lime green “suit” and for us gals, it was the “matching” suit of a purple velour mini shirt, lime green halter top and large purple hat. The only one that looked good in it was my boss. She, yes she, looked like the bomb. I looked like hooker. THEN we had to visit our clients in these costumes to give out candy. GA!


When I was working in the promotions department at Rogers TV, aka the FUN Department, my cohort Jen and I turned our office into a Geisha House. Fun AND fully covered.

Geisha Girls

Another year I took matters into my own hands and, as my friend Lisa would say, let out my inner goddess as Wonder Woman. (At work I added leggings and a top under the bustier.) This is still my  Favourite. Costume. Ever!

Wonder Woman!

Last year we decided to embrace Día de Muertos, the day of the dead.

Sugar Skull Nyree

Well folks, that’s it. What was your best costume?

Trick or Treat

As you may, or may not know, Halloween originated about 2,000 years ago when people dressed up with masks and costumes to scare off ghosts and other spirits that they believed visited them on October 31st. Spooooooooooky…

Jack O' LanternAs a kid I loved Halloween. I still do. I love the costumes. I love the cheesy decorations. I love the candy corn.  I remember the feeling of joy when finding the house with the ‘good candy’. You know what I mean… The house with the chips and the chocolate bars.

Have you ever wondered why we give out candy on Halloween? A quick Google search will tell you that the tradition stems from the middle ages when food was left out on the front step for the dead who wander the streets trying to return home. People though the spirits would get angry and haunt their loved ones if they didn’t leave an offering. Today it’s not that far off… we give out candy to ward off tricks.

So when it came time to buy candy, my hubby and I immediately decided to be that house with the ‘good candy’. Here’s five things that I’ve learned over the years about being the house with the ‘good candy’:

1. You will eat most of the ‘good candy’ way before Halloween and need to buy more. Sometimes twice over.

2. Even though you have the ‘good candy’ you will still give more per kid than you think because it feels cheap giving out one mini chocolate bar. So buy twice the amount you think you’ll need.

3. When giving out those mini chocolate bars, you will end up prioritizing which ones can go first. You know, so you can save the ones you like. In our house, Kit Kats and Crunchies are saved for last.

4. You will eventually realize it’s pointless to ration out the candy as you’re going to end up giving it all away anyways. Besides, you can buy more tomorrow to gorge on… at half price!

5. You will see some kids five times over. And you’ll have to learn to just roll with it. You are, after all, the house with the ‘good candy’.

As we head into Trick or Treating tonight, there is something else I’ve learned… Sometimes it’s okay to be the house with the mediocre candy.