Picture Perfect Tuesday: Donuts

For today’s Picture Perfect Tuesday, I’m sharing another shot of food. If you’ve ever dabbled in food photography (yes, your instagram counts!) you’ll know that lighting is everything. What I like about this image is how the highlights on the donuts help illustrate their freshness. Of course, that they are still sitting on the pan helps too…

Another tip when shooting food is to remove anything that you don’t need. Sometimes less really is more. That’s why I had to eat a few donuts first. 😉


Picture Perfect Tuesday: Bite Size

Thanks to sharing sites like Instagram, we’re all now amateur food photographers. But food photography is an art in itself that involves carefully crafted positioning, the right amount of toasting, melting, etc by stylists to acheive an image that makes us salivate at first glance. While I am a trained photographer, I have never been a food photographer.

That said, I am pretty pleased with this pic that I snapped of the most delicous pop in your mouth sugary lemon cookie. Enjoy! (I know I did! #yum)

Bitty Bites