Fashion Fun Friday: Crimped Hair

I think crimped hair is finally back!

Recently I read this article on Yahoo that stated crimping was making a comeback at Stella McCartney’s show in Paris. The author lamented that crimped hair was one of those beauty trends that “you cringe and cross your fingers that it won’t catch on.” I feel quite the opposite. For years I’ve been hoping this 80s trend would make its way back. Anyone else with me!?

To this day I regret tossing my pale pink crimper into the garage sale pile in the early 90s when I decided that I’d never crimp again. Note to younger readers: EVERYTHING comes back, so if you really love something that is no longer in fashion. Keep it.

One great thing about crimping is that you can create many different looks, such as this chic look that Beyoncé rocks here:


And speaking of rocking, it can also make you look like a rock star. Those who know me well know that I’ve always wanted to be a rock star. Save for the lack of talent, I’d be a great one. Check out Guess model Gigi Hadid’s rock star crimping! #LOVE


If all over crimping is too much for you, you can try doing a few strands to add interest. Or try it on a ponytail like Portia de Rossi:


Whatever look you choose, have fun with it.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Determine the sections of hair to be crimped for your desired style and section them off.
  2. Crimp one section at a time and no wider than the plates of your iron starting at the highest point first – whether that’s right at your scalp or 3 inches away.
  3. Clamp the hair with the iron and hold for 5-10 seconds.
  4. Repeat all the way down the hair shaft towards the ends
  5. To soften the crimp you may lightly separate with fingers.
  6. To finish, set your style with strong hold hairspray

Fashion Fun Friday – Guilty Pleasures

Do you ever use online discounters? Sites like and (which I’ve talked about in previous blogs) are two off my favourites.

A couple months ago, I saw a commercial for another discount retailer called, so naturally I decided to check it out. This is the spot for serious designer label shoppers as they offer drool-worthy items from Christian Louboutin, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Chanel and Alexander McQueen – at 60% off! And as if it wasn’t easy enough, they have an app so you can shop safely anytime, anywhere.christian-louboutin-shoes

Like most flash sales sites, quantities are limited so you need to be ready to make a quick decision to avoid disappointment. As most of you have already ascertained, I LOVE shoes…. and all this girl wants it a pair of Jimmy Choos and a pair of classic black Christian Louboutins. In size 8. Is that too much to ask for?

They have them…

Even though I just found out about this site thanks to their big marketing push this year and their cool television campaign, has been in existence since 2007. The site is the brainchild of Kevin Ryan who, according to their website, “recognized a market opportunity to start online flash sales in the United States and introduce consumers to a new, exciting e-commerce experience.” You can read more about their story here. And it looks like this company is expanding as there are a ton of job opportunities there right now.

Are you ready to experience a little gilt today?


Fashion Fun Friday: Are you a Hipster?

A year ago if you asked me what a Hipster was, I’d have probably replied that is was a style of jeans rather than a subculture people. While they’ve been around for a long time, Hipsters have come into the forefront a style revolution with their distinct fashion – often stereotyped by vintage thrift shop shirts, rolled up jeans and dark rimmed glasses. Love them or hate them, Hipsters have become the pioneers and leaders of our latest cultural and fashion trends. We can thank them for the surge of distressed jeans, leggings, plaid flannel shirts and old concert tees found at H&M, Forever 21 and American Eagle.


For me, not knowing what a Hipster was, had more to do with being unaware of the current label placed on this group. Before the term Hipster was coined, waaay back in the early 90s, the style was simply called “Alternative”.  As in alternative to the mainstream – which at the time was the uniform of Polo shirts and penny loafers. In those days, the smell of teen-spirit had saturated the air thanks to Nirvana and somewhere in between Polo preppy and Seattle-grunge, “Alternative” was born. Which looking back, makes me one of the original Hipsters, what with my fake black-rimmed glasses, unisex plaid shirt and tapered jeans. (Back then they were called tapered. And we ‘tapered’ them ourselves, sometimes just using a shit-ton of safety pins.)

Here’s some Hipster inspired fashions that I currently love at Forever 21. Mix them up with some vintage finds for create a look that is unique to you.feminine-cardigan


Fashion Fun Friday: Fun Fashion Sites

Today for Fashion Fun Friday I wanted share some of my favourite sites for fashion for anyone still looking for ideas for New Year’s Eve.

One place that I LOVE buying stuff from is a site called I happened upon this site after seeing their small ad in a gossip rag I was reading while getting my hair coloured. (Spoiler alert! I’m not a natural blonde…) The ad featured this winged kimono dress that caught my eye and is now happily living in my closet:

Wing Kimono Dress

Top Shop is another favourite of mine… I learned about this store while on vacation last year in Chicago and fell in love with their cheeky, trendy and low-cost fashions. For this New Year’s Eve, I’m on the hunt for some fringe, so this cute Velvet Fringe Tunic has made the shopping list:

Velvet Fringe Dress

Another great online shopping site is still Zappos. Offering a wide variety of designers for a variety of budgets. How fun this this Parker Allegra Dress!!

 Parker Allegra Dress

If all else fails, you can rent a dress from Toronto’s Rent Frock Repeat. You can wear the latest dresses from the hottest designers for around $100! Like this Ivory Beaded Fringe Cocktail Dress:

Ivory Beaded Fringe Cocktail Dress