Fashion Fun Friday: Social Bliss

Do you belong to any online fashion sites? One site that I personally enjoy is I “opened a store” on this online community of fashionistas almost a year ago initially to promote the galaxy leggings that I started selling through my business By “opening a store” I mean that I joined the site and shared a bunch of items that I personally loved and linked where people could buy them.

What I love about this site is that it’s an online shopping site that basically had a baby with Pinterest. You can tag items to appear in your “store” to share with those who follow you…

Recently I learned about their new StyleBox, which for a monthly charge, you get a slew of items that is a combination of hot items featured on fellow member’s store and stuff that PR firms are looking to push – resulting in a combination of what they call “catwalk and street fashion to keep you on-trend, every single month”. The January and February boxes looked outstanding!!! So I decided that I needed to get on this. I was so freaking excited for this! I started the sign up process only to be denied as they do not ship outside of the US.

BUT I have come up with a work-around for my friends who live near a US border! I am getting mine shipped to in Ogdensburg and will drive there every month until they ship to Canada. Here’s how you can get yours too!

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