Fashion Fun Friday: Beyond the Rack

Over the years discount shopping stores like Winners, Century 21 and Feline’s Basement have become more mainstream. It’s been almost 20 years (!!!!) since a friend first told me about Winners. At the time it was dirty little secret that she shopped discount. I’m not sure why shopping at discount stores was so frowned upon then but I’m happy that everyone has embraced the concept today. Personally I’ve always loved a good discount. I credit my mom for bringing me to Frenchys when we lived in Nova Scotia.

Today we boast about getting something for a steal. And online discount sites are abundant! One of my favourites is – a Canadian flash sale discount site. Launched in March 2009, they call themselves a ‘private shopping club’, as you need to be invited by a current member, a marketing partner, or by submitting a request. If you are one of the few people who haven’t been introduced/ invited to this site, then allow me…

Beyond the Rack has a great selection of new and “vintage” items; and at around 70% off, it won’t kill your bank account! Each sale, or ‘event’ as they call it, starts at a specific time and runs about 48 hours. Once it’s closed they submit all the orders to the supplier and then it gets shipped to you. Since they don’t have any stock onsite it does take a little while to get it, but it’s worth the wait. Trust me on this.

On a side note, last year I met with their director of marketing when I was looking for a new gig and, while they weren’t hiring, he was gracious enough to meet with me and chat about the company. They have a brilliant business model! They don’t have any of the items physically in stock so they don’t have to pay for storage space; and since they only order based on the quantities that customers buy, they don’t have any real overhead.

If you love shopping AND getting a smoking deal then this is the site for you…Happy Shopping!

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