Fashion Fun Friday: Miracurl

In last week’s Fashion Friday post, I briefly discussed the Babyliss Miracurl and Batiste brand of dry shampoo. Today I wanted to do a bit of a follow up on the Miracurl as my order arrived and today I gave it a test run. I feel the need to once again declare that this is NOT a paid endorsement. But feel free to pay me…

As I mentioned last week, I had my hair curled at the salon with the Miracurl, and, as the marketing materials promised, the curls lasted for four days. My stylist had made it look so freakin’ easy to use that I immediately ordered one off Amazon. But as I’m sure each of you can attest to, what sometimes looks effortless at the salon is difficult to achieve at home. This is why not all of us are stylists I suppose…

Anyhoo, I decided this morning was ‘the morning’ to give it a go on my own and if I sucked at it, the hair bun donut would be my Plan B. Here’s what happened:

Step One: I turned on the Miracurl. It has three setting options for heat, time and curl options. I set it to full heat, 12 seconds on the timer and to alternating curls. It heated up in under a minute.

Step Two: I clipped my hair into two sections to make sure I didn’t miss any strands in the back.

Step Three: I grabbed a small section (roughly about the size of a quarter at my scalp) and clamped the Miracurl on about half way down. It’s important to note here that one side of the Miracurl always needs to be facing your head as it sucks your hair into the chamber. If it’s facing the wrong way, the machine will pull itself into your head which I can’t image would be very pleasant. Twelve seconds and four beeps later, I had a perfect curl.

Step Four: Repeat for rest of head.

This entire process of curling all of my hair took about 6 minutes!! Seriously, only 6 minutes.
Then I waited for the curls to cool and added a bit of texture gum. Here’s my result: (Thank You Photoshop Soft Filter!)


So I say two thumbs up baby! This contraption is a keeper. There are a couple other brands out there but since the machine is designed to pull your hair into the curling compartment, my vote is to invest in the brand that is for professional use. (For one section I had too much hair so it wasn’t able to pull it into the chamber properly. It beeped at me to release right away and my hair was undamaged. I cringe to imagine what the result would have been on a lesser model.)

Now if someone can please make crimping your hair that easy (and back in style) I’d be in pure heaven!

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