Blue Monday

Today is apparently the most depressing day of 2014. Blue Monday. The day millions of people around the world head back into the office after taking time off over the holidays. Add that it’s also a Monday, and here in Ottawa residents woke up to a city layers in ice… it’s enough to make a girl cry in her Starbucks while listening to New Order’s Blue Monday.  (Which I recommend listening to while reading this..)

According to a study done by UK beverage company UpBeat that analyzed over two million tweets in past three years measuring for sentiment and happiness, this is in part because most of us feel low because of lack of sleep, the struggle to keep up with our New Year’s resolutions and it’s the first full week back at work. Did you know that guilty tweets about broken resolutions are apparently five times higher today?! (In case you are wondering, I’m still going strong with my Drink More Water resolution. #Hydrated)  Oh and then there’s the credit card statements that arrive like a b*tch-slap. 

However, according to this study, not only is today the day when people break their new year’s resolutions, but those who are unhappy with their love lives look for a new partner and those unhappy at work consider a change.  Call it the ‘new year, fresh start’ mentality…

However, researchers reported that the happiest days of the year are Christmas Eve and Day, (been there, did that, got the present to prove it); followed by New Year’s Day (yes, ’cause it’s a holiday!); Valentine’s Day (questionable… just ask anyone who is single;) and the ‘first sunny weekend of the year’ (agreed, can’t come soon enough). So according to this study we only have to wait another 39 days for our next shot of happiness with overpriced roses and cheap chocolates.

Now I AM depressed. Depressed but hydrated.


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