Picture Perfect Tuesday: Abstract

Many (too many!) years ago in college we had a photography assignment with one word for instruction: Abstract.

I was excited as ‘abstract’ could be anything I wanted it to be. A close-up on a wall, a blurry reflection in water or a smattering of colourful elements – wherever my imagination took me.

The great thing about abstract art is that it doesn’t reflect any form of conventional reality, all you see are shapes, colors, lines, patterns, and so on. Sometimes it just looks pretty. Sometimes it doesn’t. Regardless, when you see a piece of abstract art, the first response is to ask the creator what it is in order to create context for what you are looking at. However, with abstract art, there is usually a lot more than what initially meets the eye.

Abstract art is about energy; the energy that makes a piece ‘speak to you’. So really it’s not about asking what the piece is, but about acknowledging what the piece is to you… (is your mind blown?)

So for this week’s Picture Perfect Tuesday, I give you an abstract.


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