Fashion Fun Friday: Whoooo?

I like things with owls on them. I’ve liked them for years. It started when a previous co-worker asked me why I didn’t have any personal nick-knacks on my desk at work. So I hit the Dollar Store and bought some weird owl figures that I thought were hilarious. When it was time to get a new case for my iPhone, I grabbed the owl one because it was cute. And then came the owl socks… And the owl ring… It may seem like I have a problem here, but folks I was just ahead of my time! Owls are in. In a big way.

Here’s an interesting fact about owls: Their eyes are pretty much fixed in their sockets, which means they must turn their entire head to see in a different direction. Contrary to popular myth, an owl cannot turn its head completely backwards. But it can turn its head 135 degrees in either direction; it can thus look behind its own shoulders, with a total 270-degree field of view!

Here’s some head-turning owl items that are worth fixing your sights on:

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