UBC Day 17: Ask for Directions!

Are you happy? Are you challenged? Inspired? Or are you keeping your ear to the ground for the next gig?

Most people that I talk to at events always have their ear to the ground for their next big PR gig. Job satisfaction is important and I can think of many industries where it might be low, but I would not have put marketing and PR jobs into that category. Forbes posted an interesting article listing the Ten Happiest Jobs. Marketing and PR positions were not among them. However, in their article on the Ten Most Hated Jobs, two of the ten jobs were: Director of Sales and Marketing in second place and Marketing Manager in ninth. Both cited the reason for dissatisfaction as lack of direction. Interesting.

In PR we often fly by the seat of our pants. We try to plan the best we can, but really it’s a reactionary role.  Because, let’s face it, while WE  may think marketing and PR are the most important aspects in business, most times the PR team is engaged late in the game, if at all. Is this really lack of direction or just lack of communication? Can you use it as an education opportunity? Does your C-Suite team  understand the value of marketing and PR?  They must to some degree… After all they hired you.

If you’re suffering from an acute case of lack of direction, the cure is to educate your organization on the value of PR.  Try this on your next project:  Tell them what you are going to do. Do it. Tell them what you did.

Now get to it.

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