UBC Day 10: Lessons Learned

Have you ever met someone who made an impact on your life? Someone who changed your career course or shifted your paradigm?

For me this person was my boss in one of my first PR jobs. We argued and butted heads often, but for better or worse the way I approached PR was changed. Here are the seven things that have stuck with me over the years:

  1. Some of your ideas will get shot down. Get used to it. It’s nothing personal, so toughened up.
  2. In PR everything is negotiable.
  3. When negotiating, never take the first offer; and unless it’s to your advantage, don’t make the first offer.
  4. A lot can be accomplished with very little budget when you have some creativity and a great team.
  5. Your reputation is your greatest asset. Follow through on your commitments to keep it intact.
  6. It’s okay to say no. But be prepared to defend your position.
  7. If need be, I can still pull an all-nighter.

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