UBC Day 007: PR is Everywhere

Today I attended an instructors release class at GoodLife. I was invited by a friend of mine, a BodyCombat instructor, as she thought I’d enjoy it. (She was right!)  In fact every instructor in attendance had a guest with them. The purpose of the session was for instructors to practice the new release, and give students, such as myself, a sneak peek so we could get pumped about it.

This my friends is PR. Think about the last time you ran a campaign? Did you give anyone a sneak peek, or leak the information to a few favorite reporters? Did you start a whisper campaign?

This is exactly what just happened in this BodyCombat class. A chosen few got to be privy to information before the masses; and when the new release date is officially announced it won’t just be the instructions hyping it up. I’ll be there with them.

PR happens in places you’d sometimes never expect.

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