Random Thought No.1

The other day I was sitting in a meeting, and glanced out the window to see my company’s President pruning one of our trees and chatting it up with the UPS guy. And I’m not talking about pulling off a dead leaf here and there while chatting, but rather garden gloves on, pruning shears in hand. This struck me as funny and I thought: doesn’t this guy have more important things to do?

As I gave it more thought it dawned on me – this guy leads by example. He will trim the tree because it needs it, and he’ll shovel the snow from our walkway because it has to be done. Is it his job – no. Technically it isn’t really anyone’s “job” at the company. It just needs to get done and if everyone had that mentality, imagine what would be accomplished!

I’d best describe our corporate president as a leader and entrepreneur. To better explain, let me explain… To me, leaders are people who inspire others through their actions and energy. Hence the well-used phrase “leads by example.” And entrepreneurs, well, they are people who just get sh*t done. They see a need or an opportunity and they go for it. Whether it’s recognizing a market for a new product or noticing a way to offer something better, entrepreneurs have the idea spark, AND the follow through to make the idea a reality. As I said, they’re awesome at getting sh*t done!  

We hear those buzz words a lot: ‘leadership’ and ‘entrepreneur.’ There are enough books on those subjects to fill an entire bookstore! Recruitment ads call for candidates with leadership skills and an entrepreneurial spirit. What does that mean to you?

Personally, I’ve never been much of a follower; but does that make me a leader? I can’t really say. I do however consider myself full of ‘entrepreneurial spirit’. I said full of ‘entrepreneurial spirit’, not full of crap as those near and dear to me may quip!  I’m always looking for the next spark – you know, that great idea leaves you riding the high for weeks because you are so amped up!  I love brainstorming new ideas and solutions. I love the wow factor. But then I’m a communicator and a promo gal at heart! And sadly I’m not as unique as I’d like others to believe. Communicators are always looking for new and creative ways to get their message out there and have it stand out. We crave the spark because if we don’t innovate, we become obsolete.

Food for thought.

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