Picture Perfect Tuesday: Billy Idol

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of seeing my favourite rocker of all time, my boyfriend, Billy Idol and his partner in crime, guitarist Steve Stevens in Montreal. Like every other fan, I was madly capturing every moment with my trusty iPhone. Typically concert pictures taken with mobile devices don’t stand up to viewing beyond the phone screen, but I’m pretty pleased with this one. (I’d also like to point out Billy’s swoon-worthy abs. Not too shabby for a 59-year-old.)

Shot with iPhone 5, full digital zoom.
Photoshop app: Twilight filter


Picture Perfect Tuesday: Panhandler

I see this man every morning on my way into work. He’s one of many who set up shop on the street corners that they’ve claim as their own. Even on the coldest mornings, when others have decided to take the day off, this man is out on his corner with his trusted companion swaddle in multiple layers of dog coats and blankets, successfully tugging at commuters heart strings – mine included.